Yemen’s Houthis wade into Israel-Hamas war

November 15, 2023

STORY: Yemen's Houthi movement says it's fired a wave of missiles and drones against Israel, now officially entering the war between Israel and Islamist militants in Gaza.And cementing fears by world powers of the conflict spilling into more countries.The declaration came after Israel's military said it intercepted two objects in separate incidents around the Red Sea. This was a Houthi parade filmed by Reuters in Yemen in September only days before the Hamas attacks on Israel.On Tuesday its military spokesperson said the launch was their third since the conflict began, seeming to confirm that it was behind an incident on October 19 when the U.S. Navy said it had intercepted three cruise missiles over the Red Sea. And a drone attack on October 28, which resulted in blasts in Egypt – blamed on the Houthis by Israel.The spokesperson said they would continue to launch against Israel until, quote, “Israeli aggression ceases.”The Houthis are part of what's called the “Axis of Resistance,” an alliance of armed groups backed by Iran – and includes Hamas.It recently released this video said to show their military drills.Israel's military says it will remain focused on Gaza, and that the Houthis are just one of many of Iran's proxies – a relationship which the Houthis have denied.


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