That is Good to Know show Episode 1 featuring guests Stuart Levine (Walters Levine Law) and Ami Maikoski (

November 11, 2023

Welcome to the first episode of “That is Good to Know”! This episode features Stuart Levine discussing construction law and Ami Maikoski on well being and mindset.
Stuart Levine

Stuart Levine

Stuart Levine is an esteemed professional currently serving as the CEO of Walters Levine Lozano & DeGrave, P.A. With extensive experience and expertise in the legal field, Stuart has established a strong reputation for his exceptional leadership and unwavering dedication to his work.
Prior to his role as CEO, Stuart held notable positions including Vice President at Brown Clark and Walters, P.A., and Associate Attorney at Able, Band, Brown, Russel & Gordan, Chartered. Through these experiences, he has honed his legal expertise and developed a keen business acumen.
Stuart’s educational background includes a J.D. from Cardozo School of Law and a B.A. from Hofstra University, which have provided a solid foundation for his successful career.

Ami Maikoski

Ami Maikoski

Ami Maikoski is a highly accomplished and certified Transformational Facilitator, dedicated to helping individuals discover and embrace their true potential. As the Founder of Be True To Your Best You, she have committed themselves full-time to this purpose since September 2022.
With a genuine passion for personal development, Ami has achieved certification as one of less than 50 worldwide certified facilitators. Her expertise and insights have positively impacted the lives of countless individuals seeking personal growth and transformation.
In addition to her work as a Transformational Facilitator, Ami also excels as a Commercial Real Estate Specialist at Grimaldi Commercial Realty Corp. For over two years, they have brought their multi-disciplinary skill set, integrity, ethics, and persistence to this role, contributing to the success of the company.
Driven by her unwavering passion and commitment, Ami serves as the Director of Motivation, always inspiring and empowering others to achieve their goals. Her coaching and training expertise further demonstrate their dedication to helping individuals unlock their full potential.

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