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“That Is Good To Know Show (TG2K)” is an engaging and informative radio show designed to deliver practical educational tips and strategies directly from seasoned business professionals. With a focus on actionable advice, this program aims to empower listeners with knowledge they can immediately apply to their professional or personal endeavors.

The primary objective of “TG2K” is to offer a platform where industry experts share their invaluable insights, enabling listeners to enhance their business acumen and decision-making capabilities. Listeners can expect to gain actionable takeaways that prompt them to say, “that is good to know.”

Format: 1040 AM WHBO Tampa – Online at thatisgoodtoknow.com
The show follows a dynamic format, featuring top-level to more in-depth interviews with distinguished business leaders, entrepreneurs, and subject matter experts from various industries. Each segment will cover a specific aspect of business or personal operations, management, or strategy, providing a well-rounded perspective on challenges and opportunities.

Other possible exposure: AM 820 and NewstalkFlorida.com

Key Features:
Expert Guest Interviews: Renowned business leaders and professionals in Tampa will share their experiences, lessons learned, and practical tips for success.

Relevant Topics: Episodes will cover many topics, including leadership, innovation, personal growth, marketing, finance, and more, ensuring listeners enjoy best practices and great tips.
Case Studies and Success Stories: Real-world examples and case studies will be incorporated to illustrate applying critical principles in different business contexts.

Target Audience:
“TG2K” is tailored for professionals seeking to sharpen their business or personal insight. The show caters to individuals across various industries committed to continuous learning and professional growth.

Expected Impact:
By providing practical, actionable advice from established business professionals, “TG2K” aims to empower listeners to make informed decisions, navigate challenges, and seize opportunities in their respective fields. Listeners will gain a better understanding and practical advice on various topics.

“TG2K” stands as a beacon of knowledge, delivering invaluable tips and strategies directly from the mouths of industry experts. Through engaging interviews and insightful discussions, this radio show promises to equip listeners with the tools they need to excel in their professional and personal journeys. Join us each week for an enlightening experience that will leave you saying, “that is good to know.”

Jeff Stanislow

Jeff Stanislow

Jeff Stanislow is a successful entrepreneur, Certified Digital Marketing Professional with over 20 years of experience, and a former partner at RSK Capital Management. He earned a Magna cum Laude master’s degree from Walsh College and started his marketing career in 1994 at Online Marketing Company. Jeff earned the title of Internet Marketing Specialist of the year for 1995 and 1996 from marchFIRST, a digital marketing firm. He later started his own company, Chief Internet Marketer, which worked with top clients such as DCX, GM, AAA Life, and Flagstar Bank. Jeff was a recognized expert in interactive marketing and spoke at over 10 regional conferences. Throughout his career, Jeff was involved in other successful ventures, such as National Travel Deals, and served on several advisory boards including Advent Health.

Royce Pope

Royce is a young entrepreneur working as a founding Partner at DeFi Lava, the Vice President of Chief Internet Marketer, and a founding ambassador of BIO (By Invite Only) Tampa. He earned his undergraduate degree in Philosophy from Centre College in 2021, where he was a starting winger for the Men’s Soccer team that achieved two conference titles and an NCAA Final Four appearance. Royce is a digital marketing professional who has engaged with nutrition companies with upwards of half a million followers. He is also a blockchain expert with an intimate understanding of data, transactions, trading, bridges, and exchanges on most chains. He has delivered lectures on both Bitcoin and Crypto at Hillsborough County Community College (HCC). Royce recently helped launch the new business executive group BIO (By Invite Only) Tampa and currently works as an ambassador for the organization.

Royce Pope

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