Episode 13 with Purna Bikkasani

February 3, 2024

Episode 13 - More with Purna Bikkasani

by That is Good to Know

Welcome to the thirteenth episode of “That is Good to Know”! In this one, Jeff discusses stress management, health, wellness, and the happy life with Dr. Purna Bikkasani.
Purna Bikkasani

Purna Bikkasani

Author | Speaker | Medical Professional

Purna Bikkasani is a passionate author, speaker, and medical professional with a focus on happy living and stress management. Born and raised in India, Purna obtained his medical degree from Osmania University, India, before pursuing further qualifications and experience abroad.

With a strong background in internal medicine and gastroenterology, Purna has over 30 years of experience practicing gastroenterology in Crystal River, Florida. He played a pivotal role in establishing a successful seven-member group practice in the area.

Beyond his medical practice, Purna believes in giving back to the community. He has conducted free stress management seminars and published articles on stress management in regional newspapers. Purna is the author of the best-selling book “Joy Of Life,” which has garnered acclaim and praise from readers. His compelling insights on happy living and stress management have made him a sought-after speaker.

In addition to his professional pursuits, Purna enjoys various hobbies, including reading, traveling, playing golf, and entrepreneurship. He also dedicates his time and efforts to nonprofit organizations. Purna is the founder of Awareness USA, an organization focused on providing academic assistance to economically disadvantaged students in inner cities across the United States. He is also instrumental in the Chaitanya Saradhi Trust in India, which offers new opportunities to underprivileged middle and high school students in the field of computer science.

Purna’s dedication to both his professional and philanthropic roles has garnered recognition. He serves on the board of trustees for Ultimate Health Holdings, LLC, Regener-eyes, LLC, and Trxade Group, Inc. Purna has also served as the Chairman of the Board of Trustees at Seven Rivers Medical Center.

Purna Bikkasani’s educational background includes a medical degree from Osmania University. He continues to stay at the forefront of his field through ongoing learning and professional development.

In addition to his professional pursuits, Purna finds fulfillment in volunteering. He is the proud founder of Awareness USA Inc. and Chaitanya Saradhi in India, two nonprofit organizations that strive to make a positive impact on the lives of others.

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