Episode 15 with Kuducom’s VP James Neely and Synapse Summit’s CEO Lauren Prager

February 17, 2024

Episode 15 - Kuducom's VP James Neely

by That is Good to Know

Episode 15 - Synapse Summit's CEO Lauren Prager

by That is Good to Know

Welcome to the fifteenth episode of “That is Good to Know”! In this one Jeff welcomes Kuducom’s VP James Neely for a discussion on telecommunications technology and Synapse Summit’s CEO Lauren Prager on what to expect at the yearly Innovation Summit.

James Neely

James Neely

Senior Vice President of Sales

James excels in creating and building relationships with both prospective clients and current customers and has extensive experience in telecommunications.
Lauren Prager

Lauren Prager

Chief Strategy Officer – Synapse

Lauren gets to engage with Florida’s most innovative companies from startup to growth stage and enterprise level, education and government leaders, investors and ecosystem leaders, to create opportunities for meaningful connections. She spearheads strategic partnerships and messaging for the organization through events and creative initiatives she and the team dream up.

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