Episode 22 with Tommy Larocca from Larocca Cigars and Albert Donaldson from Golf Away Club

April 6, 2024

Episode 22 -Tommy Larocca from Larocca Cigars

by That is Good to Know

Episode 22 - Albert Donaldson from Golf Away Club

by That is Good to Know

Welcome to the twenty-second episode of “That is Good to Know”! Today Jeff welcomes Tommy Larocca from Larocca Cigars and Albert Donaldson from Golf Away Club.

Tommy LaRocca

Tommy LaRocca


Tommy started smoking Cigars back in 1989 with his Father Phillip ” Phil ” LaRocca while playing Golf along with other activities. They have shared the Passion of Smoking Cigars together for over 30 years and still meet weekly to enjoy a Luxury Cigar.

The LaRocca Luxury Cigar Brand was created by Tommy LaRocca out of his passion for Cigars and to Honor his Great Grandfather Gerlando La Rocca who left Sicily, Italy in 1902 and sailed to Ellis Island settling in Brooklyn, New York in search of Personal Freedom, Economic Opportunity and a future of Hope of a better life for his Family.

Albert Donaldson

Albert Donaldson

In 2022 Albert founded Golf Away Club LLC which provides golfing as a curated destination experience in the Tampa Bay area, the US and internationally through esteemed partnerships with clubs and travel partners to provide access and benefits for golfers. Albert believes golfing is a unique opportunity to explore shared values and social bonding, because all courses are unique, as are the people and the places they travel together.

Albert has spent the last 15 years as an integrated marketing and communication leader, providing creative marketing solutions in digital communication, content development, and visual design for the golf, travel hospitality, food & beverage, and automotive industries.

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