Episode 26 with Robert Quintal from LFE Solutions and Nuke Goldstein from Raver.AI

May 4, 2024

Episode 26 - Robert Quintal from LFE Solutions

by That is Good to Know

Episode 26 - Nuke Goldstein from Raver.AI

by That is Good to Know

Welcome to the twenty-sixth episode of “That is Good to Know”! Today Jeff welcomes Robert Quintal from LFE Solutions and Nuke Goldstein from Raver.AI.

Robert Quintal

Robert Quintal

President & Co-Founder

Mr. Quintal has 32 years of experience in the ESCO, Demand-Side Management, and Energy Efficiency Industries. This includes founding several businesses before launching LFE Solutions, Inc. in 2012– an ESCO based manufacturers rep. agency for LED lighting and controls in 2012.
Nuke Goldstein

Nuke Goldstein

Nuke Goldstein is a seasoned technologist and entrepreneur, currently serving as the Co-Founder and CTO at Celsius Network. With a diverse background spanning AI, C4I simulations, 3D solutions, P2P, and geospatial interoperability, Nuke has established himself as a leader in the technology industry.

Nuke has an impressive track record of founding successful startups, including Celsius Network. Under his leadership, Celsius Network has managed over $27 billion in assets and employed over 1000 people, aiming to provide unparalleled economic freedom to its users. Nuke’s passion for AI has reignited, and he is leveraging its transformative potential to drive groundbreaking innovation. His new startup, Raver AI, promises to revolutionize the marketing space for businesses.

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