Episode 28 with Med Student, Bhavya Bansal and Leadership Coach, Joshua Green

May 18, 2024

Episode 28 - Med Student, Bhavya Bansal

by That is Good to Know

Episode 28 - Leadership Coach, Joshua Green

by That is Good to Know

Welcome to the twenty-eighth episode of “That is Good to Know”! Today Jeff welcomes Med Student, Bhavya Bansal and Leadership Coach, Joshua Green

Bhavya Bansal

Bhavya Bansal

Case Western Reserve University BSMD Student

Bhavya Bansal is an Undergraduate student at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland Ohio, as part of the BSMD Medical program where she is majoring in Medical Anthropology. Bhavya is an aspiring medical professional, hoping to enter the field of surgery. Originally from Tampa, Bhavya keeps ties with her hometown by serving on the planning committee for the Annual Women in Surgery Conference, working on HPB Robotic surgery research at Advent Health, and engaging in several internships focusing on Hematology Oncology & Internal Medicine. Bhavya is also the founder of Make Your Name, a mentorship program she started to inspire local Middle School and High School students and provide them with guidance about how to navigate the path of building a name and career for themselves. She has also spoken at a TEDTalk Conference, was recognized as an Athena Women of Promise, and was a recipient of the Triple Impact Scholarship for her leadership and pioneering efforts in Female Wrestling and Swimming. In her episode, Bhavya talks about her journey into the field of medicine, what she values about both Tampa and Cleveland, the impact of the Women in Surgery Conference on her life, how she has navigated her career path so far, and what the journey ahead looks like. 

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Joshua Green

Joshua Green

Leadership Coach

Joshua Green is a Research Specialist at Undercurrent, a digital strategy firm located in New York City. He has co-authored two significant books:

  1. Spreadable Media: Creating Value and Meaning in a Networked Culture, published by New York University Press. This book explores how content spreads and gains meaning in our interconnected world.
  2. YouTube: Online Video and Participatory Culture, co-authored with Henry Jenkins and Sam Ford. It was the first comprehensive analysis of YouTube’s content, structure, and user engagement, published in 2009.

These works highlight Green’s expertise in understanding media dynamics and their impact on our culture.

Joshua Green held several significant roles before joining Undercurrent. First, he served as the Project Manager of the Media Industries Project at the Carsey-Wolf Center located at the University of California, Santa Barbara. In this capacity, he likely oversaw research related to media industries and their impact. Prior to that, Green worked as a Postdoctoral Researcher in the Program in Comparative Media Studies at MIT. During this time, he contributed to research and academic discussions in the field of media studies. Additionally, he served as the Research Manager of the Convergence Culture Consortium project at MIT, where collaborative research efforts related to convergence culture were likely a key focus. Green’s published work spans topics such as television, new media, and participatory culture.

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